5 Reasons You Should Work with an Atlanta Real Estate Agent

5 Reasons You Should Work with an Atlanta Real Estate Agent

  • Molly Carter Gaines
  • 03/9/22

When it comes to buying or selling a home, some people choose to do it alone. They may have experience with the real estate market and don’t want to pay for a realtor, but the reality is that real estate agents are incredibly beneficial. Especially in a market like Atlanta, having a real estate agent can cut the stress of selling or buying your home in half.

In the Druid Hills neighborhood, the real estate market is considered competitive. Some homes get multiple offers, which opens the door to competition for buyers. In late 2021, Druid Hills was considered a seller’s market, making it easier for sellers to sell but harder for buyers to buy. Of course, the process becomes a lot easier with a real estate agent on your side.

Keep reading for more reasons why you should work with an Atlanta real estate agent.

Unmatched experience and knowledge

First and foremost, a real estate agent offers invaluable guidance. Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, a real estate agent is well-versed in helping you reach your desired outcome. Buying and selling a home can be overwhelming in more ways than one, and it can take a severe toll if you don’t have a professional on your side. A realtor will help sell your home for your desired price or find your perfect Druid Hills dream home.

They can help you navigate the more challenging parts of the process, such as analyzing home comps, finding the right neighborhood, or making the right ROI upgrades. Not to mention the fact that they can help you with all the pesky paperwork that comes with buying and selling. The amount of support and guidance a realtor offers can ease the stress and make you feel confident in your listing or in making an offer on that beautiful dream home.

Unbiased advice

Additionally, your agent can offer objective and unbiased opinions and won’t allow emotions to cloud their judgment. They will help you meet your expectations and goals without allowing personal biases to get in the way. They are also an excellent source for any questions regarding amenities, utilities, contractors, and much more.

Local knowledge and inside access

Atlanta realtors know the area better than anybody. It is their job to keep track of the market and stay up to date on trends, and they know the local real estate market inside and out. While most listings are posted online for anyone to find, there are also private listings that only agents can access. An agent can get their buyers exclusive access that those without a realtor won’t have. With their connections, they may even be able to find a dream home that you would never have seen otherwise. While a buyer can find a listing in their budget and find a suitable home by themselves, having a real estate agent in their corner can only ease the process and make listings more accessible.

Negotiating expertise

A massive part of the buying and selling process is negotiations. Negotiations almost always need to be had, whether you are a buyer or a seller. Real estate agents have been through this time and time again, and they have a way of understanding issues with a potential buyer or potential seller than someone who doesn’t have the experience might otherwise miss. Real estate agents know exactly how to evaluate a home to find the perfect negotiation price.

There are tons of factors regarding negotiations and why these discussions need to happen. These can range anywhere between repairs and renovations to possession date. A real estate agent will not only look at this from your perspective but also be able to give a fresh, professional eye — something you would miss if you decided not to use a realtor.

Negotiation takes great skill, and some people aren’t up to the task. Realtors are professionals who know the ins and outs of the negotiation and bidding process and know exactly which steps to take to get their clients a sale or their dream home.

Save money

Believe it or not, hiring a real estate agent can help you save money in the long run. While they do charge a fee, having a realtor who knows the ins and outs of the Druid Hills and Atlanta real estate market can help you stay within your budget and recommend ways to boost your home's value, ultimately saving you money. 

Anticipate last-minute problems and close on time

Those last-minute issues of a sale are often some of the most challenging parts of the entire process, and it can be frustrating when they delay the date of a home sales closure. An experienced real estate agent can foresee these issues from miles away — things like document errors, mortgage delays, last-minute requests, unclear titles, and walk-through issues. Beyond that, they can help resolve those issues before they become big enough to stall the home's closure.

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